Solar Chimney or Thermosiphon Solar - Rising Hot Air Updrafts

Making a chimney, whereby the hot air rising inside the chimney creates an updraft, or sucks air from below. Benefit is no need for fan.

Solar Chimney

One of the features used in these greenhouse designs is a solar chimney for ventilating excess heat. The chimney consists of a two-foot-square shaft rising twelve feet from the top of the greenhouse. The south side is glazed; the other three sides are sheathed in exterior grade plywood, painted black on the inside. The air in the chimney heats up and causes an updraft, which increases with the rate of solar heat input. At the base of the chimney (at the top of the greenhouse) is a styrofoam panel trap door operated by a heat motor (a thermostatic vent control which operates solely on heat). The chimney is expected to provide a ventilation rate of 900 cubic feet per minute, equivalent to a sizeable greenhouse fan, on a hot summer’s day, and requires no artificial energy to operate

900 Cubic Feet Per Minute Fan

Goals of solar kiln or dehydrators:

1. No electricity

2. Cost less than 25 dollars to make.

3. Dries in 7 hours of sunlight food, there is a danger of spoiling.

4. Able to use burning wood, or charcoal when sun stops shining.

5. About to use dead spaces in Africa or tropics, like tops of flat roofs.

6. Cooling of building by putting on top of buildings, creating shade.

Here is a solar hot air collector video:

Photos Solar Chimney or Thermosiphon Solar - Rising Hot Air Updrafts

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