List Of Reasons Aid Workers Ngos In Africa And Normal Business Fail

List Of Reasons Aid Workers Ngos In Africa And Normal Business Fail

Essentially, all the reasons culminate in one decision, when a person finally decides it is hopeless, way to stressful job, quits, and leaves. This is list of problems, mostly emotional, social, culturally that need solutions, or our Teak in Togo project will fail. We will solve these problems. Social engineering is needed more, than woodworking skills.

FW = Foreign Worker


- Police arrest the FW to collect bribes.
SOLUTIONS: Changes Hotels, Live in Cheap Hotels, Never Rent any buildings. 

- Rage by FW, with no plans to resolve.

- Rage in denial because people refuse to complain about poor people.

- Motorcycle Taxi danger stresses.
SOLUTION: Instruct FW to not take short routes, instead opt for longer routes through paths, and neighborhoods. Although, buying cars, or motorcycle would be prohibited because of the social separation problem. Teach them how to pay taxis, give the coins so they have correct change. Require FW to live withing walking distance of project.

- Failure to create transportation system that functions. FW, need to be able to arrive at work on time, so they can be good workers.

FW arrive late at work, and essentially become the culture they plan to change.
SOLUTION: Require FW to sign contract, that if they arrive late, they understand their position after 2 warning will be terminated immediately. Smokers not allowed. 

Need to not have any type of snobbery - Signs of snobbery - hanging with only English, or FW. Buying car that cost 100 times one years wages --- eating at white only restaurants -- not eating local foods --- not going to local markets, buying only at super markets --- sending workers to buy so we can avoid contact ---

- Foreign workers refuse to associate with locals.

- FW talk only in rants, and disgust, contempt.

- The alpha male standoff scares the FW, and they can no longer function as worker, leader.

- The alpha male locals take over leadership from FW, then incompetance rules.

- FW fail to find a way to communicate goals in a language.

- No measurement of success established.

- Technology used that is inapropriate for locals, not able to be purchased by the locals.

- Failure to maintain equipment, repair.


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