How We Define High End Furniture?

To sell high end furniture, we must be able to define high end furniture.

How We Define High End Furniture?

1. Furniture made of wood dried to below 8 percent moisture.

2. Furniture properly finished.

3. Furniture made to standard dimensions defined prior to fabrication.

4. Furniture that will last for 500 years.

5. Furniture that does not decrease in value.

6. Furniture our children inherit.

7. Furniture made using the highest quality tools.

8. Wood this does not dent easily.

9. Finishes applied in dust free environments.

10. Finishes allowed to dry properly.


Furniture Checklist


    good: solid wood or 9+ layer plywood
    bad: thin plywood, particleboard, pressboard, fiberboard
    bad: knots, cracks
    bad: soft, easily scratched surfaces


    great: dovetail, mortise & tenon
    good: reinforcing corner blocks
    good: dowels, screws
    bad: staples, nails, visible glue


    great: dust panels, floating bottoms
    good: metal glide rails, stops
    bad: wood-on-wood sliding


    good: even, level with floor
    bad: twists, creaks, wobbles


    great: hand-tied coil springs
    good: close together, even resistance
    bad: any springs more than a few inches apart


    good: firm foam wrapped in padding
    good: protective inner cover
    good: reversible cushions
    bad: bare foam
    bad: loose fill without internal sectioning


    good: aligned patterns
    good: skirts with lining or weights
    bad: skimpy padding along arms and back

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