How To Harvest Teak Seeds

How To Harvest Teak Seeds

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The link below is to a complete 100 page book on "Managing smallholder teak plantations - Field guide for farmers". It includes good info on seed collection and germination. To answer your question, one harvests teak seed either directly from the seed pods, or by placing a tarp under the tree and shaking the branches to release the seeds to drop on the tarp. You should harvest only from straight-trunked, healthy trees. You should harvest from as many trees as possible in order to broaden the genetic diversity. Do not place the seeds in plastic bags until they are fully dried. Lay seeds in a flat area in the sun and dry for 1-2 days. Clean the seeds after drying by removing the seed coats. Dried, cleaned seeds may be stored in a sealed, airtight container, preferably in an air conditioned environment, for up to two years before planting.

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