Ground Temperatures Effect On Solar Wood Kilns

Ground Temperatures Effect on Solar Wood Kilns

Harnessing solar energy to dry wood is our goal here in Togo, West Africa. If the wood kiln becomes too hot, the wood can crack, and if it is too cool, it will take too long to dry.

Therefore ground temperture is an influence, it can be used to cool the solar wood kiln, or it can be used to heat the tank. Obviously, in Africa the temperature of the ground is normally cooler than the air temperture.

Therefore, we must study the science, if we allow the tank to lie directly on the groud. Through the process of conduction, the ground temperature would lower the temperature of the steel tank, and then lower the temperature of the air in the tank.

The higher the temperature, the more water that is absorbed by the air, the lower the temperature the less water that is extracted from the wood.

We can use the ground as a regulator, but raising, and lowering and lowering a tank with a half-ton of wet wood may not be feasible.

We need a carbuerator, a thermostat, a simple ways of maintaining a relatively constant temperature. Yet, the first goal is never to destroy the contents of the solar wood kiln, or very expensive Teak.

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