Evolution Of Quality Protocols For Woodworkers In Togo West Africa

This is a work in progress, this is the documented evolution of quality protocols for Woodworkers in Togo West Africa.

Goal: To make wood products of better quality than Germany, Denmark, Switzerland or USA. 

This is the story of the evolution of the culture quality in Togo as we buy, dry, and fabrication of Teak and Mahogany wood products. These will be shipped to both Germany, and USA to be sold on Amazon.com.

Togo is listed as 166 out of 187 on the HDI - Human Development Index. When you arrive at the bottom 30-40 countries on the planet it is the "Wild West." To succeed the Togolese workers must accept, and agree to copy the work habits of Germany, Europe, and USA.

Workers and teachers of cabinet making are required to admit the workmanship in Togo is poor,we are the sinners. Each worker agrees to work as a Germany worker would work, as an American worker would agree correct.

Cultural Agreements:

1. Arrive at work on time, and leave when dismissed.
- Arrive the same as Germany. 

2. Greetings, hello, please, thank you.
- Manners the same as USA.

3. Arrive clean, and prepared to work.
- Dress the same as German woodworker.

4. No associate, leader, boss is allowed to say bad about Togo, or Germany.

5. Rapport

6. Reciprocity

Essence of Quality strategy:

1. Doing one job at a time, and doing it with zero quality problems.
2. There will be no punishments given to workers, only they will not be included.
3. Each worker will be required to sign their work, label, and attach a photo, with a way to be contacted as the creator of good work, nobody escapes the voice of public opinion.
4. Acceptance that Togolese workers are worst, no denial of this, and they must know that quality is the only redemption.
5. Bad work will be destroyed by being burned, this will demonstrate there is no acceptance of any level, it mean we waste, humans despise wasting energy, this is the negative. 
6. All workers will wear name badges, with job title, village, family name. 
7. Personal, who, when, where, what, why, how, how much money, everything is public.
8. Social epidemic, where the desire to do good work is transferred. 

Solar Kiln
Tangible - Prove to them -- Make warping real -- Show a pile of warped board, and warped table.
Personalize - Show I will pay more -Showing the waste, loss -- How much money lost.
Interaction - Look them in the eyes - One on one attention - taking them to the action of waste.

Company Culture:

1. We do not associate with companies, or people who cannot start, and finish a job in one day.

2. We give bonuses when employees recognize damaging cultures.

3. We do not allow ourselves, or other to waste our time. We are aware that people enjoy playing games to empower themselves, we refuse to participate.


Product Quality
Tangible - Prove that Quality is valuable - Good quality paid for, and bad quality destroyed
Personalized - Having the person burn their work bad work. and get paid more for good work.
Interaction - Having the teacher show them good, then destroying bad.

Essence of Hiring Strategy:

Hire individuals to do one job on a temporary basis. We will be exceptional generous with these workers, give them bonuses, often for no obvious reasons. If they abuse this relationship, it they accept temptation, then they will be disqualified. We measure them morally; when nobody is looking, will you do good work?

Payment Strategy

1. Daily payment, on jobs that can always be completed in one day.
2. Awards given to superior work, and bonuses.
3. Piece work, they are paid per piece, not by hour, but required to work for a given number of hours. 

Arrival For Work Strategy
1. Close door are 8:00
2. Person walks in, dances, and Force de Togo 

Finished A1 Quality
1. Sign it
2. Add Photo
3. Put in display case. 

Simplified Business: The outline of our goals.

Buy Teak wood, have it planed all to the same thickness. Place in solar wood kiln, and wait 3 months to dry to 8 percent moisture While in the drying phase, we will work on a prototypes of wood products.

1. Buy teak trees.

2. Cut into lumber pieces for wood products.

3. Dry in Solar Kiln

4. Woodworkers put products together.

5. Inspection of products

6. Ship to USA.

7. Weight in the USA for products to prove qualified to sell.

8. Ship to Amazon.com to sell.

Strategy to Encourage Through Passive Punishment.

1. Lock doors at 8:00, when they do not show, they are locked out, wasting their time for coming.
2. ? Maybe, not receiving bonuses for day.
3. Giving the non-favored jobs to poor workmanship, but in reality, every job is same.

List of quality problems failures, and rules developed to remedy.

July 18, 2015 Problem:
Failure to complete 4 prototypes by Komi given to woodworker. Example: We gave Komi the task of making 4 example products. He said he would be finished in 6 days. At the end of the 6 days, he had not started, and finally refused to do the work we believe because his master teacher discouraged him.

Rules developed:

All jobs granted only one day for completion. This allows us to plan

Workers shall not be associated with masters, they shall not be working as apprentices, then can be masters, or then can be orphans.

One day jobs given to 5-10 workers at same time; this means we optimize out chance of them completing the job.

July 5th, 2015 Steel Wood Kiln Contract with agreed completion date July 15

We accept that work will be completed 30 days after agreed date of contract.

We accept that design drawings are ignore. we give, but only for accidental use, they are ignored by workers.

Andy does not give explain to workers how to do work. They are more confused, and they use the confusion as excuses not perform work, or to demand more money. (One Minute Manager, One Minute Goal Setting, and confusion is the devils only friend.)

We do not stop workers from making mistakes in work. Although, Andy often has the foresight to see problems, he will not interfere, or help workers avoid the problems. (Pride in a job well done, I did it on my own.)

We accept that workers only can learn from mistakes made.
(It is a mistake the first time, it is a reason to fired the second time.) 

We accept that cost will be 2 times the price quoted.
(We are not hiring them for their math skills.) 

Teams cannot hire extra labor.
(We hire professionals.)

We must discover family relationships.
(Family is thicker than blood.) 


List of Anticipate problems in the Future, but not yet experience.

- Pieces cut wrong size.

- Workers coming to work late.

Why problem? It is unfair for one worker to arrive on time, and another to arrive late. Classes, work needs to start at correct times.

- Leaders, teachers arriving late.

- Power cuts, and labor force leaving.

- Language communication issues, the worker do not understand the defined job because of not talking same language.

- Worker related by family, and protecting relation by lying, cheating.

- Worker talking in other languages to hide conversations.

List of Theoretical Protocols Planned for Future:  

- Blind Leading the Blind -Keep all bosses, or chefs away. These masters, chefs do not know quality, but represent to the youth, that they must be obeyed.

- You cannot teach and old dog, new tricks.
Hire 18 year old and train them.

- Pay should not be an excuse for poor quality, and there is nothing worst than losing a great employee when a small raise would have solved the problem.
Pay 3 times the normal salary.

-  Stop or fire employees for anything resembling pre-meditated problems.

- Don't keep all our eggs in one basket.
 I will have 5-10 different 2-5 person shops work.
Start with small orders of 5.

One bad apple does spoil the whole bag.
 - If one shop does bad work, I stop them immediately.

I think maybe one person, one man home shops could work best.

Measure twice, cut once. A series of checks, and balance.
- Two inspectors paid for every worker performing jobs.

- Using masters for inspectors, as they enjoy being mean, strict.

- Blind inspections, not knowing the worker who did the work.

Work done well enough to put your name on it.
- Each worker stamps wood with his brand, and photo.

- No punishment will be dole out.

Nobody to blame, but myself.
- Each product is completely assembled by one person.

- Standardized measuring tools.

To protect and serve, home, family and country.
- Have the village inspect the products as a group. 

No cell phones

No visitors

No multi-tasking

No interuptions

- Wait for possible employees to return, to check if we have a job for them?

There are 8 parts to a wood wine tote We will have each part made perfect, until we have enough perfect parts to make 5. When all the parts for 5 wine totes are collected, we will have five different woodworkers put them together.

We anticipate only 2 out of the 5 to complete, and do good work.

Outline of first plan:

1. Hire 3 local woodworkers to make a prototype of wine tote.
Goal: Discover a rough design.

2. Hire 3-5 woodworkers to make the same wine tote with design improvements, and quality.
Goal: Make a perfect prototype. This prototype has 8 unique parts.

3. Buy the lumber to make 20 wine totes as test.

4. Pay to have 5 wood mills cut 1 of the 8 unique parts.
Goal: To find one, that can cut to specifications.

5. Pay to have 20 of part (1)  made. There are 8 unique parts.

6. Pay to have 20 of part (2) made.

7. Pay to have 20 of part (3) made. etc until all 8 parts are made, for a run of 20 products.


1. Hire local woodworkers to m

When 2 Togoleses people work together, they often destroy the good workers job.

Very complicated. I have a Ghana man who speaks Ewe, who wants to do good work.

The GREAT part, I can afford to have a man work for 4 weeks on one product, until he does one correctly.

Thanks, Andy


Apprentice: the labor who works for a master, please note that this person learns very little, and it not actually working under an expert.

An established owner of a woodworking business, he hires young workers, with the promise to teach them woodworking, he calls them apprentices. These masters are not skilled labor, in the USA they would be unemployable, sued, and ran out of business for bad business practices.

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