Color Of Teak

What is the color of Teak? And, does it vary from country to country?

"Light exposure is almost completely responsible for the color change that teak undergoes. To study this, samples of teak have been half covered with black cards and exposed to daylight. The covered portions remained streaky even after years, but when uncovered, it only took months for the color to even out. This is believed to be caused by a light-sensitive pigment. When teak is sanded back, the original streaky appearance returns, and just a little time and patience is required for it to return to its golden brown color."

"EcoTeak (non-Burma origin) has a high level of color variation which becomes apparent after machining. This variation will mellow with time and exposure to natural light, becoming the beautiful natural golden color teak is known for."

"So what’s the moral of this story?  Give your wood a sun tan, especially if it is Teak.  Your customers will be much happier in the long run."

"The difference between sapwood and heartwood colour:

The heartwood (the central portion of the teak tree) is darker in colour, usually a shade of yellowish brown, while the sapwood (the outer layers of the tree) are of a lighter shade, typically whitish-yellow.

This difference in the colour of teak sapwood and heartwood is important to know, because the heartwood is of a much superior quality compared to sapwood. This is because its drier and harder, hence stronger and more stable. So if the teak furniture that you are thinking of buying is of a lighter shade (whitish), then it may be of an inferior quality, or may not even be teak wood."

"In   our   study,   it   was   observed   that   ecological
variation is important to explain the differences in
colour  parameters  displayed  by  teak  even  with
in the    same    age    group.    This    suggests    that
environmental factors had a stronger effect on the
colour of teak heartwood than the age of stand.

Teak  wood  colour  tends  to  be  darker  in  wetter
areas  than  drier  ones" (Ghana West Africa)

See also oxidation of teak.

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