I am Andy Lee Graham, American from Orland, Indiana. I have a room in Lome, Togo and Kpalime, Togo. I have access to Teak and can sell ship containers. Please contact me in Togo, West Africa. +1-260-624-4414 hoboontheroad AT AT Yahoo.com -- Togo Cell Phone: +228-9376 5434 Thank you. Andy Join us free!

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What Does A Teak Tree Look Like? Here are photos and soon a video of teak trees in Togo, West Africa.

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Where contractors, sales, and people push, or pull at each other, where their benefit is not achieved without a push, or pull.

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The Togolese woodworkers make exceptionally beautiful beds, armors, tables, and chairs. I wish to find Togo workers who can do European, American quality.

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People interested in buying wholesale in the USA, or Germany please contact call Andy Lee Graham at USA number +1-260-624-4414 --- Please allow to ring 15 times so it forwards to Skype account in Togo --- Togo Cell Phone: +228-9376 5434